fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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The fases project and its website are still incomplete! Expect bugs and incomplete documentation for the time being.

The fases project tries to provide friendly, functional, simple, and compliant with the POSIX.1-2017 specification (also known as IEEE Std 1003.1™-2017 or The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 7, 2018 edition), core utilities for a fully functionnal UNIX-like Operating System. It tries to be entirely portable and working on any UNIX-like Operating System and kernel such as OpenBSD and Linux. It also tries to be completly modular and as such one utility should not depend on another in order to work. The coreutils are still a work-in-progress. The fases utilities are currently tested on Artix, Alpine, OpenBSD, OS X and FreeBSD. We expect all utilities to work on all systems implementing POSIX due to us using only POSIX-compliant functions.

fases is spelled with a lowercase f and is pronounced "phases". The name historically meant Ferass' Base System but the abbreviation soon became inapropriate because other people were contributing so it is now open to whatever abbreviation you prefer (fine and simple experimental system, functionnal and simplistic expected system, whatever...).


The fases project is licensed under 2 separate licenses:

  • The 3-Clause BSD license ;
  • The GNU GPL license, either version 3, or (if you want) any later version.

To take a look at which files use which license specifically, one may use the following command:

$ git grep SPDX-License-Identifier | awk -F' ' '{ print $1 $3 }' | sed -e 's/:\/\*/: /g' -e 's/:#/: /g'

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