fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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The fases project is still in very early development, and as such you may spot some bugs while testing.

Before reporting a bug, take a look at the mailing list's archives to see if someone hasn't already reported the same bug.

Please note that things like:

  • missing options
  • a utility isn't behaving like how you want it to behave

Aren't considered as bugs, but things like:

  • non-POSIX behaviour on fully implemented POSIX utilities
  • unstability
  • segmentation faults
  • etc...

Are considered as bugs, and you should report those.

While reporting your bug, be sure to:

  • Tell us how to reproduce it
  • Explain exactly what's going on
  • Tell us which git revision you're running
  • Tell us which utility's affected

Here's a template you can use:

Title: [BUG] cat concatenates gibberish

`cat`, r267.3ab9daf

Concatenating doesn't work. `cat` just returns gibberish.

How to reproduce
1. Compile
2. Run cat on a file
3. See gibberish

Send your bug report to fases-general@andrewyu.org.

Alternatively, you may also report the bug on our chat.

Thank you for contributing!