fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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The fases project has 2 IRC channels hosted on 2 IRC Networks:

server: irc.andrewyu.org ;

ssl: 6697 (recommended) ;

plain: 6667.

server: irc.libera.chat ;

ssl: 6697 (recommended) ;

plain: 6667.

There's also an XMPP channel/room:

  • vitali64.duckdns.org:

server: [conference.]vitali64.duckdns.org ;

room: fases@conference.vitali64.duckdns.org.

All those channels are bridged together so you can talk to us regardless of which chat platform you use.


Here are chat rules for #fases on Libera and LibreIRC, and for fases@conference.vitali64.duckdns.org on vitali64.duckdns.org XMPP.

A simple TL;DR would be to be nice and civil.

  • Don't ask to ask. You won't get banned right after asking to ask but we prefer you ask your question right away, else less people will want to answer your question.

  • Don't spam. Spamming is a waste of time for chat operators and an annoyance for other people in the chat. If you want to paste a text with multiple lines (For example, output of a command) then use a pastebin. Good sane pastebins include https://paste.debian.net and https://bin.vitali64.duckdns.org.

  • No offtopic discussions. The chat rooms/channels are made specifically to talk about fases and some other core utilities, nothing else.

  • English and French only. Moderating other languages is hard, because most people in the chat are English speakers. French is tolerated, because Ferass (the main fases developer) understands French.

  • No discrimination. The chat rooms/channels are here for people to have nice conversations with everyone. If you attempt to discriminate someone you'll be banned without any warnings.

  • Follow the Libera.Chat network policies.

If you break some of the rules, you'll be given 2 warnings before being banned in most cases.


There's currently only one:

  • Ferass El Hafidi, f_ / f_[xmpp] on Libera.Chat and LibreIRC and f on XMPP.

If you think you can moderate then please let us know!

Mailing lists

The fases project also has a mailing list ran by Andrew Yu (thanks!).

The mailing list's address is: fases-general -at- andrewyu -dot- org (subscribe).

To send patches, please use git-send-email. A tutorial on how to use it can be found here.

Please read these guidelines carefully. The rules above for the chat rooms/channels also apply to the mailing list.