fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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You have 2 choices:

  • compile each utility separately;

  • compile only fasesiab which includes all utilities in a single binary.

Modify the config.mk file to fit your needs in both cases.

Compiling each utility separately

For example to compile cat, you have to run the following:

$ cd core/
$ make cat

And to compile a non-POSIX utility such as yes, you have to run the following:

$ cd extras/
$ make yes

Compiling fases box

fases box includes the entire collection of utilities fases provides in a single and tiny binary suitable for use in embedded systems.

Before compiling, you have to prepare fases box. The box.c file should already contain some code but it may be outdated so it's recommended to regenerate it:

$ make genbox

Next, run the following:

$ make prepbox

Now you're ready to compile! Run make and get a binary!

$ make box


To install fases box, simply run the following as root:

# make install-box

Or, if you want to install all utilities separately:

# make install

Then, you should have a binary called box. Make sure /usr/local/bin/ or whatever DESTDIR and PREFIX you set is in your $PATH.