fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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Here are questions someone could ask. Read it! It could answer some of your questions.

Why another coreutils? There's already the GNU coreutils, Busybox, the OpenBSD coreutils, and so on.

Most coreutils are either non-POSIX or use non-portable functions not specified by POSIX.

In contrast, we separate POSIX and non-POSIX utilities, and on all utilities (including non-POSIX ones) we make sure we use only POSIX functions, regardless of if a non-POSIX function is already implemented in many C libraries.

Please though, please do not trash those other coreutils. The fact that they're not fully POSIX doesn't mean they're bad. In fact, some of the non-POSIX features might actually be useful for some people. Thanks!

Is fases going to work on <insert UNIX-like operating system name here>?

Well, it depends on the system itself. If your system implements POSIX functions in its C library, then it'll work. Utilities are currently tested on:

  • OpenBSD ;
  • FreeBSD ;
  • OS X/Mac OS X/MacOS (just a little) ;
  • Artix Linux and Arch Linux ;
  • Alpine Linux.

No. fases will never work natively on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows doesn't implement any of the functions and features defined by POSIX. Maybe by using Cygwin or something similar it might work, but that's untested.

Why is fases dormant? Is it abandonned?

Some people might see that fases goes dormant from time to time. The project isn't abandonned in any way! It's just that there only one maintainer and, as they're enjoying life or working on something else, they might not have time maintaining it. But keep in mind, fases is not dead!

If you're interested in becoming a co-maintainer, please reach out!