fases simple core utilities for a fully functional UNIX-like system.

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Want to help the fases project? If yes, this is what you can do:


So far, contributing code is the best way to help the project. By doing so, you're helping us implementing more and more utilities, and you're also helping us fix bugs reported by others.

Testing utilities and reporting bugs

By testing utilties and reporting bugs, you're helping us making our utilities more stable.

While we recommend against using fases in production systems, we do encourage testing and reporting.


Donations really help this project, no matter how small. People that work on this project are unpaid volunteers that do it on their freetime. We currently only accept XMR/Monero. You can use these addresses for donating.

Project Donations: 83bXvP25H5SX3kfTXMcjdm816KFUapPdN2eUV1gAF3JTNcoqNtG5ZxvfRUF81bZMMWXcX5kES1h1jCJCNyYZmrHGVeQBGNK

The server hosting the project also costs money. To keep the server up and running, you can donate to this address:

Server Donations: 85q7XiHDpjYVq3cQ3uBSMN9JchP4mgpBGRc6SY9G6vyjF22QAugJxYAabLt9bQDvj3DcqkDjQKmduCNPVbzq7xVdTLmu2LF

You can also donate to other contributors separately.

Thank you!

I would like to thank a few people there, mainly:

  • Andrew Yu, for making a mirror on their git server at git.andrewyu.org, and linking the #fases libera.chat channel to LibreIRC, for testing fases on OpenBSD and for hosting the mailing list.

  • Leah Rowe, for adding lots of improvements on her git repo and for testing fases on OpenBSD. Donate.

  • Ron Nazarov, for fixing a weird bug in yes and adding useful features in it.

  • Other people I forgot to add there. If I forgot to add you there, do send a patch or just tell me.

Help is greatly appreciated, thanks!